How should our group arrive in the city?

It works best to drive into the city using vans or cars. We do not have off-street parking, and buses are not allowed to park on the street in our neighborhood, so please do not bring a bus unless you are able to make your own parking arrangements.

What should we bring with us?

We recommend that each participant bring a Bible, notebook or journal, comfortable walking shoes, clothing suitable for spending lots of time outdoors, water bottle, backpack or small bag, and extra spending cash. Many small businesses and restaurants in our neighborhood do not accept credit cards.

We provide all bedding and linens.

What is the cost per person for a WOW event?

The cost varies depending on selected activities and length of stay. Most groups average $155 per person, which covers lodging, most meals, transportation on the subway system, and all costs for classroom and outreach activities. In addition, groups generally eat out one or two meals and buy souvenirs at their own expense.

Can groups come for a longer or shorter amount of time than a weekend?

A few church groups each year visit our center for just one day. We provide an introduction to MTC and to our neighborhood and facilitate outreach in the community. These requests are handled as we are able.

Most of our WOW groups are scheduled to arrive on Thursday and depart on Sunday. Due to schedule and facility constraints, we do not currently plan WOW programs lasting more than four days.

What size group can you accommodate?

Our program works best for groups of at least 12 people, and our ability to provide lodging maxes out at around 30 people. If your group size does not fall within this range, please contact us to see if we can still accommodate you.

Who can attend a WOW event?

Typically, youth groups or school groups sign up for WOW, but we believe that the weekend has the potential to impact people of all ages! Couples and older singles who attend as chaperones often report that they are encouraged and challenged themselves. We recommend that participants be 15 or older and ask that everyone coming agree to follow the MTC guidelines.

If you can’t find a group to come with you or if we are booked too far out, you might consider signing up for our Open WOW event on June 5-8 that is open for individuals ages 16 and older.