LTO Course Overview

Prerequisite Reading

  • Read through the Key and certificate readings of the Perspectives course. Answer review questions and bring your answers to LTO along with your reader and study guide.
  • It is important to finish this before coming to LTO since there will be more homework during the six week training.


  • We look forward to providing a lot of helpful, Biblical classes on a wide range of topics. A typical day will have a time of worship and prayer, three classes, a life story and outreach or solo time.
  • Click here to view the Topics for Long-Term Orientation.
  • Click here to download this Sample LTO Schedule.
  • We work hard to invite teachers to LTO who have experience in what they teach and are skillful in teaching.

Required Reading

  • All of these books are in the MTC library. You may, but are not required to bring these books or begin reading them before arriving for LTO.
    • Any Three – Shipman
    • Cross Cultural Servanthood – Elmer
    • Language Learning IS Communication, IS Ministry – Brewster
    • Bonding and The Missionary Task – Brewster
    • Spiritual Warfare – Warner
    • More Than a Carpenter – McDowell
    • The Acts of the Apostles
    • (Mothers do not need to read “Spiritual Warfare” and “More than a Carpenter”)
  • For each book read, there is a one page response required. If you want to get a head start on the reading. Click this link to download a word document, with the response questions listed. LTO Required Reading Responses

Other Homework

  • Memorize 10 verses of scripture
  • Daily Reflection Journal
  • Language learning assignments
  • Church planting assignment and reflection
  • Language learning plan
  • Solo times of reflection


  • Outreach four days a week. Total of around 50 hours.
  • Interview project.


  • Each student is paired with a mentor who will arrange a number of meetings throughout LTO. Our goal is to provide a safe place for each student to process what they are learning as well as offer accountability and encouragement.