Martha Brandenberger

Our time of debriefing at MTC was such an enriching time for me, discovering practical ways to pour into others while also navigating the changes of a subculture. I left feeling inspired and refreshed to live my life in a deeper, fuller way, being less critical and more compassionate toward those around me….to thrive rather then just survive. Joel and Crystal were such a sweet, life-giving couple who spoke from experience and showed true genuine care and radiated the love of Jesus to me, while also helping me realize the things I’ve felt are quite normal. I’m so thankful for the renewed vision and purpose the debriefing gave me!

Ross Good

MTC debriefing helped us:

  • to process the past & present in a way that encouraged healing and progress;
  • to take a step from ‘surviving mode’ toward ‘thriving mode’;
  • to find hope in our transition 4 years after our return;
  • to realize we are normal!
  • to heal by laughing and crying with someone who had walked the path before;
  • to extend grace to our present culture as we did to our previous one;
  • to ask lots of questions about our story;
  • to make specific goals for the future.

I clearly remember on the second day of debriefing how sweet it was to finally feel hope again! It wasn’t a manufactured feeling, nor just passing thing. It was a turning point for me.

Pete Garber

Debriefing was a tremendous blessing for my wife and I as we came back from the mission field. The staff at MTC did a great job of helping us process where we had been, where we are now, and what God may be calling us to in the next season of our lives. Joel and Crystal were very caring, willing to share their own journey and respectful of ours. We especially benefited from the emphasis on dealing with burnout and charting a course for the future that would give us time to heal and allow margin in our lives. There was a good balance between teaching, listening, and sharing with the counselors and time alone as a couple to unpack and resolve things. They gave us excellent resources to continue the re-entry process and kept up communication afterwards. It was just the ticket for us.

Leann Kuhns

Moving back to my home community was very difficult. I struggled to find purpose and had a lot of anxiety. The debriefing program at MTC was a Godsend! It was so good to process my transition with someone who had gone through reintegration. Joel and Crystal helped me understand that my church family truly cared about me but may have struggled to show that because they never experienced what I was going through. Joel and Crystal also helped me make some goals for the future. This was the first time during reintegration that I felt hopeful as I thought about my future! I am so thankful that God directed my church to offer to send me through the debriefing program, and I highly recommend it if you are returning from missions!