Interns participate in an intense orientation for the first week of their time here to get to know their team and acclimate to city life. For the next six weeks, they are full-time students at our LTO training. Following LTO, the interns join the MTC team in a support role and plug into the local church and the community through ministry and volunteer opportunities. The intern team meets weekly with the intern director for input, discussion, and prayer. They finish out their time here by serving as support staff for another LTO.

Intern responsibilities include:

  • Participating in MTC team meetings and discussions
  • Assisting with WOW groups and one LTO
  • Building upkeep and cleaning or cooking duties
  • Leading kids’ clubs and assisting with VBS in the summer
  • Assisting with church and team outreach in the community
  • Volunteering at English centers
  • Offering practical help to MTC families and other workers in NYC
  • Meeting with a mentor and completing personal development assignments
  • Setting monthly goals for outreach and personal growth